Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Place to Share

Bess Hawes did many things in her life and touched a lot of people.  I didn't know how to include contributions from other people on the website, so I have incorporated this blog as a place where people can post their own ideas, recollections, and comments.  I then discovered that blogs only allow comments, and posts are made by the blog owner, so please mail anything you'd like posted and I'll put it up here. Just click on my name below

John Bishop

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  1. John, I told Bess that I would always be able to read her book "Sing it Pretty" and feel like she was talking to me. She was a one in a lifetime mentor and friend. I was only just starting to learn what life is when worked for her in the Arts Endowment. After she retired I followed her to California and saw her mostly at your house or out for dinner. When I came back to Washington, DC I could only call her on the telephone. Now I miss being able to call her on the telephone. I think I will just sing songs to her believing that music can reach Spirits better than any other way I know how to express myself. Thank you for this web site -- you know there are other places where people are talking about Bess. I have not gone to the Public Sector Folklorists Listserv yet --I am not quite ready to read the finality in the words of the field she had so much to do with will creating. I choose to believe that what Bess taught and shared with me will go on living for me as long as I do.